Bega Needs More Rental Properties.

As the Bega Valley becomes more attractive to people fromĀ  outer regions, now is a great time to be looking at buying a new investment properties, or putting one of your existing properties up for rent through Fisk and Nagle Bega. There is a high demand for Bega rental properties at the moment and Fisk and Nagle’s Property Manager, Maria Caragher uses the utmost discretion to find the best tenants that the Bega Valley has to offer.

When thinking about purchasing a new investment property or listing your own as a rental home, there are several things to consider including the number of bedrooms, yard size and security, car parking availability, heating, and of course location. All of these factors will affect the rental return for your property and help to attract tenants.

If you need any information on renting in Bega, or buying investment property in Bega, feel free to call the friendly team at Fisk and Nagle in Bega. Together, we can help you secure your future in Bega property investment.

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Bega Needs More Rental Properties.