Buying Bega Investment Properties

Here are some tips on what to consider when buying a Bega investment property.

  1. Growth of Capital- The property you decide to buy must have the potential to double in value over seven to ten years. Buy a Bega investment property that will make you money, with little effort.
  2. Position- How far away from shops is the property? People living further from the CBD will be more sensitive to rent increases. Try to find a unit or house close to the action.
  3. Classical Style- There are many properties in Bega with classic, architectural style. If the surrounding houses are similar in style, the property will hold its value for longer.
  4. Appeal- Ensure your investment property reflects the quality of tenants you desire. You want a property that can be easily rented, and to have the pick of the tenant market.
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Buying Bega Investment Properties