Cheap Ways to Redecorate Your Home

In most Bega households, wages are remaining the same and living costs are increasing. This is resulting in  residents not improving the interior of their homes. If you are interested in making your  property a better place to live, you can always redecorate. But instead of hiring a tradesperson, there are many things you can do yourself.

Look Around- Many people overlook shopping around . Visit local discount shops and do not reject carpet off cuts. They may be just what your living room needs.

Look at the Local Notice Boards- Local notice boards, often have cheap furniture and electrical goods for sale. Gumtree and Facebook pages like Bega Buy, Sell and Trade are also worth watching.

Think About Your Priorities– Plan your decorating. Think about what you really want and what is just a “nice to have” in your home.

DIY- If you can do the work yourself, what are you waiting for? Installing doors does not take skill, if you know what end of a screwdriver to hang onto. Research the procedure on the internet or in magazines.

The Bega Valley Shire Library allows members to use their computers freely, and the Bega News Agency sells a great variety of DIY magazines. If you are not comfortable, you can always call a handyman.

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Cheap Ways to Redecorate Your Home