Buying Bega Real Estate? Tips to Help Kids Settle After Moving

After all the upheaval of moving house, the last thing you need is unhappy kids. Whatever their ages, getting the kids settled into their new home and schools will be a priority. Here are some suggestions for ways to ease the transition, if you are planning on buying Bega real estate.

Re-establish routines: To minimise disruption, give life in the new place a familiar structure. Get back into normal routines for meals, reading time, bedtime and getting up in the morning. Returning to old habits will be reassuring.

Connect with your new community: Find excuses to meet the neighbours and bring the kids. Ask for advice about local schools, child-care, shops, food outlets, sports and other amenities. Most people are eager to help newcomers.

Invite the neighbours over: especially if they’ve got kids. Don’t wait until the house is ready for a Domain shoot; and don’t overdo the catering, a modest barbie is appropriate.

Use local resources: Whether it’s the swimming pool, library, park, playground or community centre, introduce the kids to everything the new area has to offer.

Join clubs or community groups: Whatever your child’s interests, encourage them to pursue them by joining the local sports club, scouts, arts society, church group or pony club. The kids will be making friends while doing the things they love.

Promote new friendships: Once your child has met local kids, invite them over to play. Kids can bond quickly when they’re having fun, and a new friend can make a new location much more inviting.

Keep old contacts: If possible, help your child maintain links with former friends, and if you haven’t moved too far away, let them continue with the same sports clubs, music, drama or dance school. The familiar contact will give the child a sense of continuity at an unsettling time.

Give them time: Whether your child was looking forward to a fresh start, or dreading and resenting the change, they may feel anxious and strange in their new surrounds. Be as patient and supportive as possible, even though you’re stressed and exhausted from the move yourself. Relax and take time to get to know your new area together.

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Buying Bega Real Estate? Tips to Help Kids Settle After Moving