Let Your Bega Garden Bloom!!

Spring is on the way, and now is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and give a tired old garden a makeover.

The Bega Valley is in the Temperate zone for weather with four fairly distinct seasons. Bega has hot summers and cold winters, but the coastal towns such as Merimbula and Tathra have some relief from the extremes in temperatures. One advantage of living in a temperate climate is that nearly anything will grow, so whether you want a garden full of drought-proof natives, or a shady tropical hideaway, the weather in Bega will be a great support.

If you are selling, or thinking about selling, now is the best time of year to refresh the outside presentation of your home with some tender loving care in the garden. Whether it’s adding a splash of warm colour to the garden beds to eliminate the memories of the winter frosts, or fertilising the lawn to encourage fresh green growth, a luscious garden is a great eye-catcher and can do a lot to help a sale. Making sure the fences are in ship-shape and lawns are kept neat and tidy will make your property attractive to buyers with young families or outdoor pets. An established vegetable garden will invite any green-thumb to take a second look.

If you have the skills and access to cheap materials, why not think about extending your dining area outdoors with a private entertaining area or some decking? Outdoor extensions of the home are great ways to bring the outdoors in, and often make the house feel bigger.

For cheap and inventive garden ideas, you can visit realestate.com for some inspiration.

Alternatively, websites such as http://www.gardenate.com/ , and local landscaping supply businesses, will help you plan your outdoor ideas and make sure your garden will always look healthy with the right plants and features.



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Let Your Bega Garden Bloom!!