Selling In Bega At Christmas Time

There are mixed responses to the question of the success of selling over the Christmas period. The general consensus is that a well priced, well presented home will sell at any time, but if Christmas is a concern, then it might be worth culling the Christmas decorations and keeping the Christmas clutter to a minimum. A few well placed, tasteful decorations are fine, but remember that potential purchasers viewing your property are there to see your home, not your exceptional tinsel hanging skills.

Bega is fortunate enough to have a warm summer, so make the most of the sunlight by optimising the light in darker rooms, keeping the garden neat and tidy, and let natural lush growth do the summer marketing for you. If an inspection is scheduled for a particularly hot day, make sure air conditioning or natural air flow is used to cool down a stuffy house before the purchasers arrive. A bunch of fresh summer flowers never goes astray!!

Finally, remember that any buyer that is making inspections over Christmas time is serious. These people have given up their holidays and family time to look at your property, so chances are they are serious about buying. Take the time to make sure your presentation is immaculate, and it will be time well spent.


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Selling In Bega At Christmas Time