Maria Caragher

Property Manager

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Highly personable with a natural affinity for people and problem solving, Maria Caragher is dedicated to running a smooth and structured operation in Fisk & Nagle’s Bega real estate office. An excellent communicator with an honest and pragmatic approach, long-standing relationships with owners and tenants blossom under her guidance.

With over 17 years experience in real estate, Maria is enthusiastic and dedicated. She provides sound advice while achieving great results for all her clients and is respected for her wealth of knowledge. Regarded as a mentor by FNFC’s entire property management team, she continuously shares her wisdom. Landlords and tenants rely on her in-depth know-how of all aspects of leasing.

Maria’s very proud of her success. “To put it simply”, she says “People love that we’re efficient, get things done quickly and we’re easy to deal with. Most of all, they like our happy, smiling faces”.


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