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Cold Weather Settles in

July 9, 2012


Winter has definitely settled into the Valley, and the frosts of the last few mornings have reminded us all that we’re alive! Despite the shivers, there really is no better sight in the morning than a pea-soup fog that lifts to reveal fresh winter sunshine. (If only it warmed us up a little). At least […]

Bega Real Estate Tips-Property Investment

April 30, 2012


11 Questions to ask your Property Manager- Part 1 Property investors in Bega spend a large amount of effort and time researching the property markets. Many ignore the role that a professional property manager can play in maximising a properties income and preserving its capital value. Too many landlords choose their property manager on fees […]

Bega Real Estate News- How to Select a Good Plumber

March 29, 2012


Plumbers in Bega can help you when your storm water drain becomes blocked and part of your home becomes flooded, you have a leak in a water pipe or your hot water service packs it in. They also attend to your sewerage needs if anything should occur within your home boundary that is no longer […]

Bega Real Estate Tips- Dealing With Stress

March 22, 2012


Buying a house can be stressful. The process has the potential to completely take over your life and change many things. You may start giving up activities you used to enjoy, then priorities can change. Suddenly, there is tension in your family, which can escalate. You need to know of the causes of these issues […]

Advantages of Buying Brand New Homes

February 22, 2012


There is much more press surrounding renting than buying a new home in Australia at the moment. With the economy, more people are talking about renting because it is ‘safer’. However, this may not be the case. Here, we will explore the advantages of buying a new home and land package or new homes in […]

5 Helpful Tips on Finding the Best Home Insurance

February 8, 2012


Home insurance is an essential element that every homeowner needs to acquire. Homeowners must take precautions against the possibility of unforeseen occurrence such as burglary, fire or freak storm that results in a loss or damage of their home and contents. To ensure that the home and contents can be replaced when they are damaged […]

Looking To Buy Bega Real Estate? Tips for Young Investors

December 8, 2011


What do you do if you are young and thinking about investing in Bega property? A 19-year-old I know has plans to save up to buy his first property in Bega, and mentioned that he’s not too sure where to start. Should he do a property course? And how will he know where is a […]

Buying Bega Real Estate? Tips to Help Kids Settle After Moving

December 6, 2011


After all the upheaval of moving house, the last thing you need is unhappy kids. Whatever their ages, getting the kids settled into their new home and schools will be a priority. Here are some suggestions for ways to ease the transition, if you are planning on buying Bega real estate. Re-establish routines: To minimise […]

Bega Real Estate Tips- How to Create an Energy-Smart Home

November 22, 2011


An energy-smart home looks just like any other in Bega, but uses the best combination of building orientation, wall and ceiling insulation, efficient heating, cooling, hot water, lighting and appliances to reduce household energy consumption by up to 40 per cent. Because energy-smart homes use significantly less energy than conventional homes in Bega real estate, […]