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Bega Valley Median House Prices on the Up

May 9, 2017


Knowing the true and current value of your home or investment property can be tantalising. The opportunities that start to whirl in your mind are an elixir which points to the potential of your hard work and patience over many years. The local market continues to grow and attract much interest; there’s no doubt it’s […]

Bega Real Estate Tips- Dealing With Stress

March 22, 2012


Buying a house can be stressful. The process has the potential to completely take over your life and change many things. You may start giving up activities you used to enjoy, then priorities can change. Suddenly, there is tension in your family, which can escalate. You need to know of the causes of these issues […]

Bega Real Estate Tips- The Changeover

March 9, 2012

General Selling

There is one crucial number in real estate- the changeover number. Especially if the Bega property market is rising or falling. The market is relevant if you are planning on buying and selling at the same time. Not all home buyers and sellers win whe the market is rising, and not everyone loses when the […]

Bega Real Estate News- Our New Newsletter

March 6, 2012


Here’s our monthly newsletter! Bega Monthly Newsletter March pg1 (Please contact us to receive your copy) Bega Monthly Newsletter March pg2 (Please contact us to receive your copy)

Real Estate Negotiating Tips

February 29, 2012


When the going gets tough, the tough get clever. In this soft property market, some vendors, buyers and agents have started thinking outside the box to get a sale over the line, driven by the fact that dollars are not the only thing that can be brought to the negotiating table. One way buyers and […]

Bega Real Estate News- Homesales.com.au Increases in Web Dominance

February 22, 2012


The third party website homesales.com.au, one of Australia’s fastest growing real estate sites, has topped the 100,000 listings mark. Capping a year where the carsales.com Ltd owned site grew by more than 750%, the 100,000 for sale listings mark was passed in December 2011. Also in December, homesales.com.au ‘soft’ launched its rental site. Now with […]

Looking To Buy Bega Real Estate? Tips for Young Investors

December 8, 2011


What do you do if you are young and thinking about investing in Bega property? A 19-year-old I know has plans to save up to buy his first property in Bega, and mentioned that he’s not too sure where to start. Should he do a property course? And how will he know where is a […]