The Internet and Bega Real Estate

Technology amazes me every day. I was born into a world where internet usage is the norm. Have you ever thought about how the internet has changed real estate in Bega?

Back in the day, Bega home sellers would list with any one and every one. This was to ensure maximum exposure of their property. Prospective buyers would normally walk into Bega real estate offices and be driven around to look at all the Bega properties for sale. The buyers often complained about this process, confessing that many of the Bega houses they were shown did not match what they were searching for. Cars also did not have air-con! It could have taken weeks to find a suiting Bega property to buy. Photos were developed, letters were hand written and mobile phones were either non-existent or very expensive.

Now, Bega real estate agents can display Bega properties for sale to a bigger audience. Information can be found in seconds on RPData and Google. Photos, letter and documents can be emailed, and much more time can be spent with potential buyers or home sellers. Around 90% of properties are sourced on the internet. Buyers can find a suitable Bega property, look at high definition photos, watch YouTube clips of the Bega property, inspect its floor plan, even check out the neighbor’s homes, and arrange a physical inspection without even calling a Bega real estate agent. If you are thinking of selling your Bega home, ensure the Bega real estate agent you choose is using the internet effectively.

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The Internet and Bega Real Estate