The Three Sins of Selling your home

Here are three sins that will have a negative impact on the sale of your house in Bega. Ignore these, and the amount of money you receive will be less than what you expected.

Sin 1: Wrong Price- It is challenging to put a dollar value on your home In Bega. You may have sentimental value on the home, and may have even raised your kids in it. Do not think that you will not get what you “should”, based on how much you paid for it and how much effort you have put into maintenance. The market is competitive and if you choose to put a higher price on your home and wait, you should also think about the associated costs (like spending time cleaning for inspections, cost of your mortgage, agent fees, advertising). Undertake some research into what has sold recently in the area, and listen to your real estate agent.

Sin 2: Poor Photography- Make sure the photography of your property is first-class. This is a key part of the sales process, because buyers don’t always come from the local area. Many are also time-poor and like to look on the internet before they begin organising inspections.

Sin 3: Inadequate Presentation- Make your home present like it is ready to be occupied. If your buyer is a builder or a seasonal investor they may know how much repairs, like a cracked ceiling, will cost. This is rarely the case, and you must eliminate the guesswork by repairing that ceiling!

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The Three Sins of Selling your home