Bega Real Estate Tips- The Changeover

There is one crucial number in real estate- the changeover number. Especially if the Bega property market is rising or falling. The market is relevant if you are planning on buying and selling at the same time. Not all home buyers and sellers win whe the market is rising, and not everyone loses when the market is falling.

With the current pressure on prices, many are finding they are able to upgrade their current home. Some others, however, are resisting current market prices because they are downgrading and therefore are losing too much on their sale, and not making enough up on their purchase. Every person in Bega wanting to buy and sell in the current markets needs to be aware of their changeover number.

What is the total cost of buying and selling? Work out on paper the total transaction costs, the difference between your selling price and purchase price and any improvements that may need to be made. The sum total of these costs is your changeover number. This is the amount you will need to put into the transaction, whether it be in cash or borrowings.

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Bega Real Estate Tips- The Changeover