Tanja: Why live in Tanja?


Real Estate & Design

Tanja Real Estate remains largely rural although coastal lifestyle blocks have become more available. Rural properties tend to have established homesteads with a strong colonial influence whereas lifestyle blocks can vary between modern contemporary brick and tile housing or houses built for sustainable living; sometimes from alternative materials such as mud brick.


The closest shopping area is located at Tathra Beach. Larger shopping centres are at Bega and Bermagui.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Tanja Public Primary School offers education to local primary aged school children. Other state and private primary schools are available in Tathra and Bega. Bega Public High School provides secondary education although private education is available at the South Coast Anglican College.

Distance from Cities & Transportation

Tanja is located 12km from Tathra, 36km from bega and 32km from Bermagui. Bega is 18km on the Dr George road or 30km via Tathra. State and Interstate bus services provide daily services to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra via Bega. The closest airport is located on the outskirts of Merimbula.

Sports & Fitness

The Mimosa National Park provides boundless opportunities for health and fitness. The area is a well regarded surfing spot and the beaches provide a beautiful and tranquil area for long beach walks. Walking and cycling tracks are signposted within the National Park. Community yoga classes are regularly offered at Tanja and Tathra.

Restaurants & Cafes

Mimosa Wines and Restaurant has established a reputation for providing excellence. Visitors are able to taste wine produced on the estate enjoy quality dining while overlooking some of the most picturesque coastline imaginable. Further cafes and restaurants are available at Bermagui or nearby Tathra.

Who lives here?

The area is well known for a strong arts and craft presence and is popular with those seeking a quieter lifestyle. The Mimosa National Park is an extremely beautiful part of the coastline that is less frequented by tourists and locals make the most of their local knowledge to enjoy parts of the Park that are otherwise unknown. Many who choose to live in this area do so for the tranquil lifestyle that is offered by living away from regional centres and towns. The close proximity to the beaches and National Parks while remaining within a half hour drive from several townships is a strong attraction.

Famous Landmarks

Mimosa National Park is an area popular with locals. The coastline is diverse attraction of rocky coves and headlands, long sandy beaches and coastal lagoons.


Tanja and surrounding coastal areas became more accessible in 1894 when the Tarranganda Bridge across the Bega River was completed. The bridge greatly improved access to the coastal farmland areas and settlers in the area laid claim and developed the land.

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