Quaama Real Estate Snapshot

Quaama Why live in Quaama?


Real Estate & Design

Quaama Real Estate is generally older style colonial cottages on a traditional quarter acre block. Five acre and larger lifestyle blocks are available however not as prevalent as compared to larger areas. Modern style brick and tile homes tend to be erected on these blocks however there are also self designed and self built homes of alternative materials. Quaama is largely a farming area and while many of the farms have been held by the same family for generations rural properties do come on the market occasionally.


The village of Quaama has a general store and post office. Further shopping is available at Cobargo however Quaama residents would rely on Bega for many of their provisions.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Quaama has a public primary school that is supported by a very strong local community. High school age students attend the Bega Public High School or the South Coast Anglican College. Bus services are provided for school age students.

Distance from Cities & Transportation

Quaama is an approximate 20 minute drive north of Bega. It is located on the Princes Highway and is an approximate six hour drive to Sydney and a seven hour drive to Melbourne. Canberra is a three hour drive along the Snowy Mountains Highway. State and Interstate bus services run daily bus travel to Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra from Bega. The nearest airport is located at the coastal township of Merimbula.

Who lives here?

People from different walks of life with differing values choose to live in Quaama. Families who have lived and farmed in Quaama for generations could simply think of no better place to live, others who live in the village love the community minded atmosphere. Newcomers to the area are attracted by the open space and the tranquility of the land. Then there are those that wish to embrace a wholesome life and raise their children free from the commercialism of modern society. Some have actively sought parcels of land to start an organic business and others have chosen Quaama to build their dream sustainable home from natural and recyclable materials. Quaama is a mix, however the mix successfully blends to create a strong community with old fashioned rural values of caring and compassion.


Quaama is a small township of 145 located an approximate 20 minute drive north of Bega along the Princes Highway. The village was established on the banks of the Dry / Murrah River and served the largely farming community. European settlers arrived in Quaama shortly after the Tarlinton family settled in Bega.

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