Our Guarantee for Vendors

Our  Guarantee to Vendors.

We guarantee that if we don’t sell your house within the range we provide, you choose the commission you feel we deserve.

We provide you with a real estate service that begins with giving you the right advice at the very beginning. We won’t inflate prices or values to obtain your business. We’ll tell you honestly, what the market says your property is worth and we’ll back that up with evidence of past sales in your area.

We won’t promote expensive auctions that cost you a packet and end with a ‘no sale’. We will show your property to qualified buyers who are in the market for your type of property and afterwards we’ll provide honest and frank feedback.

We’ll meet you face to face and really listen to your concerns and questions. We’ll explain and help you navigate the sales and legal process and guide and support you through the highs and lows of selling your home. Fisk & Nagle will stick with you for the long term and deliver what we promise.