Bemboka: Why live in Bemboka?

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Bemboka Real Estate & Design

Bemboka Real Estate retains many of the pioneer weatherboard cottages. Some have been renovated others remain in original condition. The township is small and is surrounded largely by dairying farms. While there are lifestyle blocks the area has retained a strong dairying and farming culture.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Bemboka public primary school caters for primary aged children to Year Six. The closest high schools are located at Bega and students have the choice of the Bega Public High School or the private South Coast Anglican College.


Home to the famous Bemboka Pie Shop, Bemboka offers limited shopping facilities. There is a post office, general store and a hotel. Bemboka residents rely on Bega and Cooma for many of their shopping needs.

Sports & Fitness

Bemboka has sports grounds and a local swimming pool. Sports teams from Bega and surrounding areas hold regular games at the sporting grounds.

Distance from Cities & Transportation

Bemboka is a thirty minute drive west from Bega on the Snowy Mountains Highway that passes through Nimmitabel to Cooma. Canberra is an approximate two hour drive from Bemboka. Interstate bus lines pass through Bemboka on a daily basis transporting travellers to Canberra via Cooma. Bus services to Sydney and Melbourne are available from Bega. The closest airports are located in Merimbula and Cooma.

Famous Landmarks, Restaurants & Cafes

Bemboka is renowned for their famous Bemboka Pie Shop. The store has built a formidable reputation amongst locals and travellers.


The original inhabitants of the southern eastern corner of New South Wales were a group of Aboriginal tribes known as the Yuin. From Bega to Twofold Bay the land was inhabited by the Thaua tribe. The first European settlers arrived in the Bemboka area in 1871 and predominantly managed cattle and sheep. Following a survey in 1876 Bemboka was gazetted in 1877. Originally covering areas known as Colombo and Lyttleton the Australian Government announced the new name of Bemboka in July 1894. The Aboriginal meaning of Bemboka is high peak. In 1923 the private subdivision of Lyttleton was incorporated into the village. The town became a service town for farmers and travellers between Bega and Cooma. Bemboka was the location of the former Mumbulla Shire Council administration offices and at one stage had its own newspaper, the Bemboka Advocate. Today the town economy is based on dairying. Bemboka has become a quaint rural village with the formidable Bemboka National Park as a backdrop. A pioneer walk has been established in the Bemboka Park honouring the pioneers of the district. Bemboka is noted for retaining most of its older timber buildings. The Bemboka pie shop is renowned throughout the Bega Valley and by frequent travellers along the Snowy Mountains Highway.

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