Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will you find a tenant?

It’s hard to guarantee an exact time frame. If the property is priced accurately, and well presented, a quality tenant will be sourced more quickly than otherwise. It is important that your property is priced accurately in relation to the current market and we will advise you on this important matter. Our team will ensure that you receive the best possible rental return with a minimum vacancy period.

How will you find me a tenant?

We use a range of methods to secure a quality tenant for you. These include an internet strategy using our own web site as well as several leading real estate portals, on site For Lease signage, our tenant database and window advertising. We find this combination generates regular enquiry and provides us with the opportunity to select the most appropriate application for your property.

How do you qualify tenants?

There are two main criteria to consider when selecting a suitable tenant for your property; their ability to pay the rent and their ability to maintain your property.
We qualify all prospective tenants in relation to both these criteria. Our application form extracts all of the required information to qualify their suitability, your property manager will reference check applicants and qualify the information provided by each tenant and discuss the information collected with you and, together, select the best tenant.

What costs do I need to pay?

The fees payable are an initial letting marketing fee to secure the best tenant and a monthly management and admin fee to handle the ongoing management of the property.

How do I receive my rent?

Your rent is paid to you by electronic funds transfer into your nominated account each month.

How do you guarantee that my property will not be damaged?

Even though every tenant’s application is screened very carefully, accidents do happen and there can be no guarantee that your property will not be damaged. Our team conduct regular inspections to minimise any problems that may arise. Routine inspections generally take place three months after a tenant moves in, and every six months thereafter. As the owner of the property you can be present for inspections if you wish. If you wish to be present, please notify your property manager to contact you prior to arranging the inspection. Periodic inspections allow us to check on the condition of the property and report any required maintenance and repairs to you as early as possible.

How are maintenance and repairs handled?

Minor repairs are handled by your property manager, and we will discuss a cost limit on these repairs at the start of the tenancy management. For any larger repairs quotes will be organised and discussed with you prior to moving forward. Urgent repairs, regardless of cost, may be required by law to be acted upon immediately as legislated in the Residential Tenancy Act. At Fisk & Nagle First Choice we only utilise high quality trades people and suppliers who have ABN’s and Public Liability Insurance Cover.

How often will I hear from you once my property is rented?

Your property manager will liaise with you to determine your preferences regarding both the frequency and method of our contact with you once your property has been rented. We ensure our communication keeps you updated without distracting you unnecessarily.