Your home is your greatest asset

In life and real estate it is often said that your principal place of residence is possibly your biggest asset. With this in mind it is important that as a property owner you do all you can to maintain the property throughout its lifetime to protect and grow your asset, so at the time of eventual sale you receive the best possible cash profit from your investment.

Selling your home is a valuable opportunity for wealth and profit. Unlike other financial investments your principal place of residence is free from capital gains tax and stamp duty. Therefore, a chance of a tax-free gain is rare and should be seized with both hands.

You get only one chance to sell for profit and then the value passes on to the next owner – so make the most of it!

Maintaining and preparing your home for profit is a successful strategy for everyone involved. Often incoming purchasers are stretched to their limit and would not qualify for a renovation loan. This is the reason why people will pay more for a finished, neat and well-maintained property.

If you do the work for a potential buyer and your property is clean, crisp and complete this could have a significant impact at sale time.

You may be able to earn 10-20% more than the sale price which could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

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