Purchasing An Investment Property Bega, N.S.W.

Purchasing An Investment Property Bega, N.S.W.

Now is a good time to purchase an investment property with interest rates once again lowered. The town of Bega in New South Wales currently presents a favourable opportunity to purchase houses at very competitive prices whilst there is also a steady demand for rental property. This could be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Bega is famous for Bega Cheese but is also a thriving country centre with high schools, primary schools, pre-schools and sporting facilities and many young families as well as an ageing population. Big W have recently built a shopping mall in the middle of town, andplans for a larger hospital have been approved, this is expected to be completedby 2016.

When considering the purchase of an investment property you need to assess the probable income and expenditure. On the expenses side take into account council rates and repairs and maintenance but keep in mind that expenses are tax deductible. The location of the property, size, its age and general presentation will influence the amount of rent you can expect and good promotion will affect occupation rates. Fisk & Nagle offer a professional property management service and will promote and manage your investment property for you. For a thorough analysis of the expected income and expenditure on the property see a qualified Accountant.

If you prefer the older style of house, there are many charming cottages reasonably priced for sale and if you prefer a more modern style, there are 3 and 4 bedroom executive style homes for sale in the new estate on the edge of town facing the new hospital site. To find out more call the Fisk & Nagle Bega Sales Team on 026492 5155.


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June 8, 2012

Purchasing An Investment Property Bega, N.S.W.