Bega Real Estate Tips- Organising Messy Homes

Everyone has junk or obsolete items. When you decide to sell your Bega property, it is important to have the house neat and tidy for those unexpected buyer inspections. These tips will help you keep your Bega home organised and tidy-

Hunt for Junk- If you regularly sort through your Bega property and throw away items, the junk levels will stay minimal. Every month, throw out 15 items and give away 20. You will notice the difference in no time. If the storage areas in your Bega home are full, do not add more, sort through the ones you already have.

Use Time Efficiently- While your dinner is cooking, sort through that junk draw. While you’re on the phone to a friend, tidy up magazines or sort recycling. Get the most out of your minutes.

Give Clothes Away- This one can be tricky. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for at least 6 months, chances are you won’t wear it again. Before you go on that shopping spree at the Sapphire Marketplace, give some of your clothes to St Vinnies, Salvos or friends.

In the Kitchen- This tip will clean out your kitchen of the things that are never used but you are too afraid to throw out, in case you need it “one day”. Place a box on the counter and put all your kitchen tools inside it. Every time you use something put it away in a drawer. In a few weeks, throw out or give away the remaining items in the box (not seasonal things though!).

Follow these handy tips, and your Bega property will look more organised in a few weeks. When inspections pop up, and when it comes time to move, you will be grateful.

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Bega Real Estate Tips- Organising Messy Homes