Real Estate Bega - Bega Hospital Developments

For the cynics amongst us, the erection of the Bega Hospital signs on Tathra Road opposite the entrance to the Glen Mia Housing Estate, can surely only bring a sense of relief. While we have been told that the hospital is to be constructed and that funds have been allocated it is always comforting to see some physical sign that those in power are doing what they promised to do.

And so, the Bega Hospital is about to begin. What will this mean for the local economy? Experience tells us that contractors will soon be in town bringing with them extra business in consumer spending. Real estate rentals will be placed under some pressure to adequately cater to the temporary swell in the population. Three bedroom rental properties of decent condition are always snapped up quickly in the Bega real estate market. The contractors may put this under further pressure.

And what will happen when the hospital is functional and medical staff move to the area? Housing in the Bega area is of an older style. Subdivisions within the town centre are limited with the newest estate, Glen Mia, rapidly filling with newly constructed housing. Within easy walking distance, Glen Mia is an ideal area to cater to the housing of the new Bega hospital. However will this estate be enough? Has council planned for the extra housing required? Are there to be new land releases in the next few years?

Bega has been designated as the commercial business district of the region. We are now witnessing what can only be described as an influx of building and development activity. If Bega is to be developed successfully then housing must be taken into consideration. Tura Beach, Merimbula, Tathra and Wolumla all offer viable and picturesque alternatives to Bega however some forward thinking of providing adequate housing development must occur for Bega.

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Real Estate Bega - Bega Hospital Developments